The Benefits of Automated Parking Systems

May 23, 2018

Automated parking systems promise to be the future of parking. They are praised as the ultimate solutions to difficult parking situations for everything from crowded hospital and hotel parking lots to car dealerships and city parking garages. Many cities and companies have already taken the plunge and installed automated parking systems for themselves to great success.

The technology is so useful that even retail stores and apartment building are starting to invest in them! Once you read about all the many benefits of automated parking systems, you’ll understand what all the excitement and talk is about!

saving you space

One of the number one benefits of automated parking systems is how much spaces it saves.

Automated parking systems are all about space conservation and maximizing the amount of parking spots available in the smallest area possible. Their space-efficient multi-level parking design is flexible and works with the space and land you have to increase usability and decrease the square footage needed to park a car by up to 85 percent!

Because smart parking systems remove the need for space hogs like ramps and concrete dividers and slabs, you can use less land more cost-effectively, allowing you to add more parking if needed, or letting you utilize your extra space for greenery or other non-parking uses.

saving the environment

Another amazing thing about automated parking systems is their effect on the environment. They have many eco-friendly qualities which reduce pollution and needless material depletion.

Other parking garages and parking lot designs require drivers to expend gas and put out harmful emissions while driving around searching for a parking spot or idling while waiting for a spot to become available.

With automated parking systems, you can reduce these harmful greenhouse gasses, such as VOC, CO2, and other emissions, by over 80% because the automation of the smart parking system removes the need for drivers to waste time and gas parking their cars themselves.

Automated parking systems also tend to require fewer construction materials and they can potentially minimize groundwater impact because their structures are smaller and require less excavation to install.

They also can be made out of higher-value recycled material such as steel.

safety and security

Automated parking systems offer many safety and security benefits to both vehicles and their drivers.

Smart parking systems provide better security by eliminating open spaces that can exposed unattended cars to thieves.

Because the whole parking process is automated, requiring less empty space and shadowy area than regular parking garages and parking lots, drivers and pedestrians no longer have to walk through dimly-lighted parking lots or garages searching for their cars, exposing themselves to potentially dangerous situations. Their cars are safe from damage from parking lot and garage accidents. Automated Parking Systems have a safe, well-lit area where drivers wait for their cars to be removed from the smart parking system, so drivers are much more protected!

keeping up appearances

Automated parking systems are able to fit in with their surrounding and reduce their visual impact much better than other car parking structures. Because they are smaller and shorter, automated parking systems diminish view obstruction and let in more sunshine! Their external customizability allows you to choose a look that will blend in better than a large concrete structure or parking lot!

saving you time

Automated parking systems are very time efficient.

Instead of searching for a spot, then trying to remember where you eventually parked your car, the automated system reducing the time required for the who parking process! It parks and retrieves your car for you in just a couple minutes!

saving you money

It might strike you as strange that a parking system that requires highly-technologically advanced machinery would be more cost-effective than, say, a normal parking garage.

However, not only are Automated parking systems worthwhile in respect to safety, the environment, efficiency, and effectiveness, they also have many surprising money saving benefits!

The first advantage is one we’ve already hinted at earlier: construction costs.

Because automated parking systems are smaller structures with pre-constructed parts that can be customized to fit your space and needs, construction time – and consequently construction costs – are greatly reduced. Building material costs are reduced too!

And, because of their design flexibility, automated parking systems are often built in otherwise useless or wasted locations, such as narrow spaces in-between or under existing structures. They can help increase profitability for spaces that would be unusable or less desirable otherwise.

Other cost benefits that not many consider are related to the dramatically lower risk and liability that come with an automated parking system.

In automated parking systems, parked cars are stored and locked away in a garage that does not permit unauthorized personnel to enter. That means the vehicles in your garage are safe and locked up until their drivers need them, almost eliminating the risk of accident-related damage as well as thieving and vandalism!

This lower risk of property and car damage and liability means that your tax rates and insurance premiums will likely be much lower than with other parking systems that seem to almost welcome costly risks and liabilities.

Automated parking systems require less light and ventilation during normal operation than other parking systems do, reducing your electricity costs dramatically! They also do not need ramps or multiple elevator stops like are need in multi-leveled parking garages. Automated parking systems also reduce staff, removing the need for valets and other staff members, such as regular operators.

You may have notice a trend in our list of automated parking system benefits.

That’s no accident!

Automated parking systems are all about saving – saving time, space, energy, the environment, and more!

We hope that this article has been informative and helpful in educating you about the benefits of automated parking systems!

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