ClearSpan™ Parking Systems

Elevated Spaces

Adding spaces vertically is what most stacker parking is all about, but our ClearSpan™ technology makes parking over the drive aisle possible. What does that mean? Cars in the air with no obstructions below. The possibilities are endless.


  • System is customizable to accommodate vehicle length, width, height and weight
  • Dramatically increased speed of use and quieter operation
  • Allows elevated vehicles to be parked over drive aisle
  • System can be installed on a sloped slab, increasing usability of existing space
  • Lower energy costs for economical operation


  • Absence of steel support legs or columns decreases opportunity for damage to vehicle doors
  • Zero obstructions between vehicles when platforms are up
  • When platforms are down, clearance is increased up to 30% when compared to stacker system
  • No load on open slab floor, maintaining integrity of supporting structure
  • Tripping hazards eliminated due to lower side rail/curb profile and lack of center posts
  • Elimination of platform edges reduces danger of cut shoes or injury to feet
  • No greasy components, switches or controls near parking process ensures safety of valets
  • All hydraulics and electrical elements are elevated well above parking area


  • Enhanced safety sensors include sound and light warning devices
  • Photo-Electric detection devices indicate parking area encroachment, if a vehicle is too long or over-height


  • Framing can be used to support exterior screening/façade for improved aesthetics
  • Can be fully integrated into structure
  • Snow removal process is significantly easier
  • Hydraulic and Electrical controls and power supply manufactured by major US supplier,all UL approved components


  • Dramatically increased profitability with addition of parking spots
  • Can greatly reduce base square foot requirements to save in construction costs


  • Lifting Capacity  2722 kg / 6000 lbs  * can be customized
  • Equipment Weight   1100 kg / 2425 lbs  * varies
  • Lifting Height   2132 mm / 83.94 in  * can be customized
  • Platform Width (Between Rails)  2000 mm / 78.74 in  * can be customized
  • Total Width (3 Wide)   8250 mm / 324.80 in  * can be customized
  • Total Height (Top of Frame)   2667 mm / 105 in  * based on model & can be customized
  • Electrical Requirement   230-460V, 3Phase, 60Hz  * can be customized
  • Control Power   24 V
  • EN14010   Compliant Option Available
  • Lock Device   Static Position Lock
  • Lock Release   Manual Mechanical
  • Operation   Key Switch
  • Power Pack   10 HP
  • Lifting / Lowing Time    16 Seconds
  • Electrical Components    U/L and CSA Approved
  • Finishing – Base Equip     Grey DTM Epoxy Paint
  • Finishing – Platform Rails    Grey DTM Epoxy Paint
  • Finishing – Decking    Galvanized


  • US Design & Engineering
  • Proprietary Design
  • UL listed mechanical and electronic component
  • Meets NYC Building Bulletine
  • All Strucutural Steel, Chain & Lifting
  • Components US Tested